We're building safer neighborhoods by walking in relationship with ex-offenders

"The Bridge" Worship Service

Join us every Monday night from 6:30pm-8:00pm at Brookside Community Church to worship Christ and support each other in reentry assistance, mentoring, job opportunities, addiction counseling, emotional and spiritual encouragement around the body of Christ.  All government agencies, parole and probation, are welcome to join us in the spirit of unity.  

Isaiah House

Isaiah House is an intentional discipleship community that is offered to men who are seeking help in reentry from prison back to society. The rehabilitative goal of our program is five-fold:

  1. To disciple men to a healthy, life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. To assist men who are returning from multiple incarcerations in overcoming the negative experiences of life patterns of their past (addictions, unhealthy relationships, abuse issues, work history, etc.).
  3. To assist men in establishing healthy, nurturing relationships with their families and Christian community.
  4. To assist men in obtaining education, mentorship, and specific job skills that would allow them to become self-sufficient.
  5. To train men to live responsible, productive, and fruitful lives.

Isaiah House is a 12-month program built upon four phases of development. Each phase relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the transformation He offers us because of His life, death, and resurrection.

PHASE 1 – Foundations

Each participant will enter the house with a temporary full-time job, transportation, mentoring, and programming that will build them up for their new life. Our programming will include learning how the Gospel transforms, establishes, and equips us for this life.

PHASE 2 – Reconciliation

Each participant will begin to work through the brokenness of their past and ask God to heal and reconcile (make right) the wrong. Our programming will include life skill training, financial literacy, and addiction programming.

PHASE 3 – Equipping

Each participant will gain training and equipping for a life of stability and accountability. Our programming will focus on developing these men to self-sufficiency.

PHASE 4 – Sending and Celebration

Each participant will put into action their development and begin to work out plans for graduating from Isaiah House. The programming received will focus on life after the program and setting up the right accountability and support for each individual participant. 

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