Here's what we know to be true

Brookside Community Church's Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission

We are striving to be a family formed by Christ out of brokenness and into unity and new life.

Our Vision

To see Brookside neighborhood restored by the power of the Gospel and reestablished into a thriving community one life at a time.

That's great, but what kind of church is Brookside?

We are a culturally and ethnically diverse family that is walking out life together in mutual brokenness, with love and humility, and pursuing Christ as Savior and Lord.

What We Value

Gospel Centeredness

Intentionality of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

Personhood over Production

Relationship First

Meeting Needs with Dignity

Empowerment of the Poor

Integrity in Stewardship

Humility in Leadership

Community over Isolation

Why are we doing this work?

To see broken lives healed and made new.