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Brookside Community Development Corporation

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Our Mission

Creating opportunities of renewal and transformation in the lives of people residing in the Brookside neighborhood through the areas of reentry, youth development, housing, and job creation.

How we do outreach


We begin by seeing each person as an individual, not as a statistic. As we learn each person’s story, we are able to look past the labels and stigma associated with their background.

Brookside Community Reentry’s mission is to care for those reentering from incarceration, addiction, and homelessness. We do this through our Isaiah House, a 12-18 month transitional discipleship program; The Bridge worship service, a weekly service that offers community and support for individuals throughout their reentry journey; and our Reentry Hub, where individuals can access services that help them on their journey and prevent recidivism.

Youth Development

We help kids move past trauma and prepare for a brighter future.

Brookside Community Play is a youth development program for children, teens, and families in our community. Brookside Play was created to help children and youth in our community overcome the  effects of trauma and develop into the person that God has created them to be. Our after school and summertime programs help kids overcome trauma through the power of play and help teens reach their full potential through academic development and employment opportunities.


We provide safe and affordable housing to individuals and families through a community-centric approach.

Brookside Community Housing exists to provide dignity, stability, and accountability to both individuals and families that struggle with inconsistent and unreliable housing. Participants experience peace and connection through the relationships that come with being a part of the Brookside family.

How We Create Jobs

We help high-risk individuals move beyond their past and work out employability for a more sustainable future.

UpRise Indy seeks to meet the needs of our community through the development of social enterprises. Through UpRise Indy, Brookside will be able to provide good and promising jobs to adults and youth on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. As we create new social enterprises, we’ll be able to control jobs and offer dignifying job training and employment opportunities that will change the fabric of our neighborhood.