We are using the power of play to change lives and our neighborhood.

Summer Play (June-July)

Every summer, BCP will host a community play event on Tuesday nights. We are seeing less and less kids in this neighborhood engaged in healthy play. Families are living in fear of the negative influence with in our community and want to change this together with families and friends of Brookside. We desire to bring the neighborhood together and reclaim underutilized space to promote healthy community engagement and relationships to build.  

Every Tuesday we desire to see kids and families gather in Brookside Park to play basketball, soccer, t-rex tag, kickball, and much more.  We want to see jump ropes and hula hoops revolving as we come together as a community to reclaim our neighborhood for positive use.  If you desire to volunteer to help host a play event, please register here.

Fall, Winter, and Spring Play

Play has the potential to transform a child's life and significantly change the way young people think about themselves and the world. A structured play program focused on youth development enables youth to develop positive relationships with adults and peers, experience a sense of belonging and connectedness, and learn valuable life skills.  Brookside Community Play (BCP) exists to create avenues of structured play to help develop the youth of Brookside neighborhood to hope in something different than they are seeing day to day.  Through play, we desire to help children learn and grow socially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and academically.  

BCP has teamed up with community partners who are providing 8-week programs in the fall, winter, and spring that are geared towards character development, healthy competition and play.  Adults are matched up with a team of youth to coach and mentor them in sports based activities, arts, technology, and science.  Check back to see the schedule for 2015-16 school year.  

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