Partner with us in building hope for the broken-hearted. 

Do you want to engage your church family in inner city ministry? Do you have a heart to reach our brothers and sisters who are struggling in poverty?  Are you looking for ministry opportunities that go beyond serving a meal?  Do you desire to see your church members transformed as they serve alongside those in our city who are in need?  Brookside Community Development Corporation in partnership with Brookside Community Church needs your help.  We have multiple opportunities to engage your church family in tangible ministry that will impact the lives of our underserved community.  


Research has shown that the power of play has the potential to transform a child's life more than any other approach.  The key factors in the transformation of play are:

  1. A caring adult relationship, we call them coach-mentors.  
  2. Peer connectedness and belonging that happens as kids work together towards a common goal.
  3. Intentional kingdom-minded character development through play.

There are over 550 volunteer opportunities a year for your church family to minister to our children and families through our 8-week after school programs and summer play initiative.  We fully train and equip your members to engage properly within our complex culture.  


We are building a team to minister to the over 800-1,000 men and women that are released from incarceration into our 46201 zip code each year.  Most families in our neighborhood are negatively affected by incarceration.  Lack of level entry jobs, high drug addiction, and a lack of community support keeps these men and women bound by the cycle of incarceration.  The church must respond to this epidemic to see God bring about healthy community.  Currently we support men and women in reentry through:

  • Isaiah House-a 12-month discipleship house that provides housing, job, transportation, food assistance, church community, and mentorship.  
  • Monday Night Worship Service-where men and women who are reentering can come to worship and get into small groups for support. 
  • Programming-4 nights a week, we facilitate community partners in classes that benefit men and women who need assistance in their reentry.  

We need 20-40 volunteers to help us facilitate our reentry efforts by becoming mentors, worship leaders, job creators, and more.  We desire to see the churches of Indianapolis respond to the tremendous needs in reentry so that a godly generation will be raised up.  This will take intentional, consistent and relational ministry.  

Housing, Job Creation, and More

We know that God is not done writing the story of our community development corporation. In the next 5-years, we have plans to implement programs around housing and job creation that will stabilize and bless our community.  But it will not be possible without the help of the local churches of Indianapolis coming together and make this happen.  

Come and see what God is doing...

We are praying for more gifted and kingdom-minded individuals to join us in transforming our piece of the near-Eastside of Indianapolis. If you are interested in visiting or talking with us about partnership, please fill out the contact form below.  Thank you for your consideration!


WHY Brookside Neighborhood?

  • 53.9% of children live in poverty
  • 1 in 3 houses are single mother families
  • 1 in 6 incarcerated men and women are released into our neighborhood.