Urban Ministry Team Preparation 

We desire to prepare you as best as possible for your trip. The information below will give you information needed to prepare for your mission week and know what to expect.  Please read this preparation guide through carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us!




Your housing will be located in our church building. Each team member is recommended to bring their own air mattresses, bedding and pillows. Each room are open spaces with air conditioning and locked doors. There are 6 showers located in the building. Larger teams will need to be strategic with showers as accommodations are limited. Men and Womens bathrooms are located on the same floor. 


Each MDT will be responsible to designate someone to be the Food Coordinator who will be responsible for the following tasks.  These tasks can be delegated to other team members.

Food Supply: The kitchen will be stocked with a generously amount of food for your team.  It is your job to insure that food is not wasted or used for unscheduled consumption. If you are running out of food items and are in need of replenishment, you will need to communicate this ahead of the next days breakfast. It is important to remember that we only supply food for scheduled breakfast and lunch.  We do not provide food for snacking during the day.  

Preparation and Setup: It is the job of the Food Coordinator to establish work crews to set out breakfast items in the morning and to clean up after. Lunch and dinner meals will be prepared by Brookside staff but the teams are expected to set-up and clean up.  Here is a breakdown of the responsibilities:

5 Breakfast Meals: Menu is a continental breakfast with assorted cereals, fruit, muffins, toast, bagels, and drinks.  Set-up for breakfast includes-setting up breakfast items, preparing juice/coffee, setting up toaster, and putting out cups, plates, silverware and other spreads for toast and bagels.

6 Lunch and 4 Dinner Meals: Menu is prepared by Brookside staff and will be buffet style. Each UMT will be responsible to clean up after each meal. Wednesday's Dinner is out in the community and will be planned with your leadership before arrival. 

Here are the clean-up duties after all meals:

  • Wash used pots and pans, etc. and put away.
  • Wipe down tables and chairs and tear down and put away.
  • Wipe down counters.
  • Sweep and mop all floors.
  • Take out the garbage after each meal.
  • Put used dish towels in designated bin to be washed.
  • Crew Leader should ensure that all tasks are done before dismissing crew.


Q & A for your mission week

What is the capacity of students and leaders that can attend?

We recommend no more than 50 students and leaders with a ratio of 1 leader to 7 students

Why are there two arrival dates for registration?

Teams have the option to arrive Saturday from 6-9pm or Sunday morning by 9:30am. Teams that arrive on Sunday will attend worship services at Brookside Community Church before unloading into housing. 

Who is invited to participate in these mission weeks?

It is recommended that students be no younger 14. Exceptions can be made based on youth leaders recommendations and wisdom.

Do some of our leaders need to have construction experience?

It is highly recommended. Each team will be interviewed by our staff for certain expertise in the construction field. Teams will be asked to bring proper tools to complete work on each project. 

Can I request changes to schedule?

Yes, the beginning of the week is pretty packed but teams can go at their own pace. Though we have a sample schedule, it is important that each UMT lead shares ideas on how to improve their groups trip. We want to host your missions week in a way that allows you to speak into your specific group dynamics.