Apply for our 12-month discipleship program for men reentering society from incarceration.

Qualification for applying for this program:

  • Must desire a religious faith-based program where Christ is the transforming and changing agent in each participant's life.
  • Must have a desire to pursue a career in the manufacturing and warehouse industry for their future development and employment.
  • Must be willing to submit to the structure and rules that are implemented within the program agreement for 12-months.
  • Must be no more than 120 days from release from prison.
  • Must have a desire to be part of and participate in the life of Brookside Community Church.
  • Have a desire to live in the Brookside Neighborhood during the 12-month program.
  • Must exemplify and prove a desire to turn from their past brokenness and crime to pursue a different life in Christ.  

Each applicant will be assessed based on the qualifications for applying.  Then interviews will be conducted.  Only four men will be selected for this exclusive discipleship-housing program.  We will select qualified applicants for interview based on your answers to specific questions.  

If you are interested, please fill out this application below, or go to Brookside Community Church at 1035 N. Olney St, Indianapolis, IN 46201 to fill out a paper application.  This application will take you 30 minutes to finish, make sure you have enough time to finish and submit.  

Section 1: Participant Information
Name *
Current Address *
Current Address
Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
Birthdate *
Do you have your original Birth Certificate? *
Do you have your original Social Security Card? *
Valid Driver's License? *
Section 2: Family Information
Do you have a child custody order? *
Marital Status *
Section 3: Financial Information
Income Sources: *
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Employment Status: *
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Start Date *
Start Date
You don't have to be exact but give your best guess as to when you started and ended:
End Date
End Date
Section 5: Educational Information
School Status: *
School Accomplished: *
Section 6: Living Situation
Please explain:
Section 7: Criminal Arrest Status
Please list your arrest history:
Section 8 Health Information
Do you have medical insurance? *
Can you pass a drug test today? *
Do you have an significant physical or mental health problems that affect your employability? *
Are you aware that you may be tested at any time during your participation in Isaiah House? *
Section 9: Character References
Please list three adult references (teachers, caregivers, counselors, employers, etc.) Do not list anyone that is related to you.
Character Reference #1 *
Character Reference #1
Phone *
Character Reference #2 *
Character Reference #2
Phone *
Character Reference #3 *
Character Reference #3
Phone *
Section 10: Essay Questions
Please answer the following questions:
Please list 3 Goals
Describe what happens when you get mad.
Describe what types of behavior you have when you are stressed.
How will you do in a structured program like Isaiah House?